Driveway Sealing

The painted black drive way looks great… but did you know this more than ‘just a paint job’? The drive way has been “sealed” – protected against deterioration from engine fluids and other substances that impact the integrity of an asphalt driveway.
All I need is 2 dry days to protect your driveway, make it look great and last longer.

You’ll turn heads in the neighborhood when you seal a driveway, as even the most handsome house looks shabby when surrounded by a driveway pockmarked with cracks and crevices. But the sealing process is more than a cosmetic change: It prevents damage from the sun and moisture, both conditions that creates cracks and crumbling in the surface.

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Langley Driveway Sealing

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Well, the shortest answer is – it’s expensive to repave! But in all seriousness the purpose of this short article is to explain Langley blacktop sealing aka sealcoating and its role in protecting and preserving your Langley drive way. Though often forgotten, blacktop is an investment, just like your yard, and should be maintained so a costly replacement doesn’t creep up on you.

Driveway sealants I use in Langley are water-based emulsions with a base stock usually made of asphalt combined with fillers and other additives that provide added strength and flexibility. Blacktop sealant can be considered a ‘shield’ designed to prevent damage from things such as water penetration, UV rays, weather and chemicals. Please remember: not all sealers are equal and we pride ourselves on using THE highest quality products on the market.

Before understanding why our Langley driveways needs to be maintained it’s important to understand the composition of blacktop. Asphalt driveway, which are sometimes referred to as asphalt concrete, is made up of mixture of stone aggregate and liquid asphalt. The liquid asphalt, also referred to as binder, has excellent ‘gluing’ properties with the aggregate. The liquid asphalt binds the conglomeration together and allows the hardened result to conform to the contours of the surface underneath. The larger aggregates are used for the base and smaller aggregates for the sub-base courses.

As time goes by, that blacktop is exposed to many factors that do their best to dry out and damage blacktop: sun, rain, freeze/thaw cycles, de-icing salts, gas, oil, traffic, etc. All of these elements will gradually break down the asphalt binder or ‘glue’ that holds the aggregate together. With the continuous loss of this ‘glue’, the aggregates in the top layer begins to ravel and will show surface cracks. If these cracks are not properly filled, and the pavement is not sealed…in time water will penetrate the sub-base causing more cracks, ruts, potholes and eventual failure of the driveway in Langley.

Just like a high quality paint job, prepping the blacktop is crucial — edging, cleaning and repairing all damage first before applying the protective layer or ‘shield’ of sealer is critical to ensuring a longer lasting and aesthetically pleasing blacktop!

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